Pregnant Women Often Tingling or Numbness

Not only changes in body shape and hormones, pregnant women (pregnant women) may also often experience tingling or numbness. Tingling often occurs in the hands, arms and legs. Although quite common, but often makes pregnant women wonder, is this condition normal or not? Tingling or numbness is a complaint that is quite often experienced by pregnant women. These symptoms most often appear when you wake up in the morning or at night, and can be influenced by physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Various Possible Causes This tingling or numbness may be due to swelling that compresses the nerves in the ankles and hands, indicating that there are nerves that do not get enough blood flow. In addition, tingling or numbness can also be caused by fetal movements in the womb. Little in the belly of pregnant women may more often be in the same position, this position makes blood flow is not smooth because it presses the blood vessels in the uterus. Tingling or numbness that is fel
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